My passion for art since I was very little since it was instilled in me by my father made me study drawing and painting in arts and crafts.My other passion is collecting dolls, because being a collector opened me a close relationship with the reborn world and start creating my own designs in sculptures attending private sculpture classes and from the hand of my great teacher and professor Don Alfonso de la ossa, of whom I am very grateful because he teaches me new techniques every time.

I have always liked to paint human bodies, especially hands and feet, I took a course in anatomy for drawing and sculpture.

Creating my own sculptures with exact proportions to the human body, totally separating the concept of the doll. Our sculptures are taken from real babies.


I formed the first website of artists in Spain in 1998, GALERIA VIRTUAL DE ARTE ESPAÑOL, it was my first steps in virtual communication, where we made the inauguration of the website in the Mercantile Athenaeum of Valencia, being the godfather of the page the sculptor Nasio Bayarri, the website gave us the possibility of disseminating the artists and their works of art, in 2000 we participated in the INTERART 2000 fair at the Valencia Fair.

We are a great family of artists, and we have been doing collective exhibitions of painters and sculptors in the Valencian community for many years.

Today we continue to have communication with many of them.